Environmental/Social Responsibility and Teak-o

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The core values and operational procedures of Teak-o ensure that:



  • National, regional, local and regulatory laws are respected and complied with.


  • Biological diversity and its associated values are preserved.


  • Fragile ecosystems and landscapes are protected and/or enhanced.


  • The forest’s ecological functions, productive capacities, and overall integrity are maintained.


  • The local community benefits, with respect to customary rights of ethnic communities related to tenure, use and access to their lands, territories and resources, as well as respect for workers’ rights.



  • Waste in forests and unnecessary damage to the forest resource is minimized.


  • Employees work in safe conditions, using appropriate safety equipment and clothing.


  • Forest operations can be sustained over time, generating economic benefits for forest managers, proprietors of enterprises, and forest owners.


  • Technologies to minimize negative environmental impacts and increase efficiency in overall use of forest resources are introduced when available.


  • We establish and encourage harmonious relationships which benefit all social sectors.


  • We plant and promote native and endangered species.